The Orchard Cafe

The Orchard Cafe

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The Orchard Cafe welcomes you with modern, elegant décor, and warm earthy tones, bringing the world right at your table, featuring a plethora of dishes ranging from our island’s heritage ethnic cuisines to colourful cultures from around the world from speciality chefs, promising you memorable experience. 
Igniting the joy of dining, the highlights include signature local cuisines of the ethnically diverse island, grill selections for meat-lovers, fresh seafood, decadent appetizers, and not forgetting our instagrammable desserts, where a well-known adage among chefs is, “you eat with your eyes first.”  
The Orchard Cafe continues to present the ideal dining destination to celebrate and indulge, offering a lavish variety of selections and assuring a party in your mouth with every bite.


View Festive Buffet Menu (Weekdays excl. Friday dinner)

View Festive Buffet Menu (Weekends incl. Friday dinner)

View Christmas Buffet Menu (23 & 24 Dec Lunch & 26 Dec Lunch & Dinner)

View Christmas Buffet Menu (23 & 24 Dec Dinner & 25 Dec Lunch & Dinner)

View New Year Eve Buffet Menu (Lunch & Dinner)

View New Year Day Buffet Menu (Lunch & Dinner)

View Euroasian Odyssey Buffet Weekday Menu (excl. Friday Dinner)

View Euroasian Odyssey Buffet Weekend Menu (incl. Friday Dinner)

View A La Carte Menu

View Beverage Menu


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