Wholesome Five Grain Goodness

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Wholesome Five Grain Goodness

The Five Grain Porridge Steamboat 五谷营养海鲜粥底火锅 makes a much-anticipated return. Delight in the first-of-its-kind healthy hotpot, brimming with nourishing natural flavours. Fresh, premium ingredients complement the wholesome five grain broth for pots of guilt-free indulgence.

$88 per set | 2 – 3 diners

Highlights include:
• Fresh Live Crab & Japanese Scallops
• Fresh Tiger Prawns & Sliced Carp Fish
• Handmade Cordyceps and Cuttlefish Meat Balls

Enjoy 1-for-1 Beer with the purchase of Five Grain Porridge Pot
Win! Weekend Hotpot Lunch Buffet for 2 Persons

For reservations and enquiries, please contact us at 6739 6628 or email

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