The Bugis Singapore Restaurant

Indulge in the best Singaporean, Malaysian, and Chinese Cuisines in London

The official re-launch of the The Bugis Singapore Restaurant will be on 20th July 2023 featuring full interior renovation, exciting and delicious new menu with signature dishes incorporating an upscale bar! 


Bugis Street, one of Singapore’s most popular shopping districts, was named after the legendary seafaring merchants from the island of Sulawesi. These maritime people were regarded as master shipbuilders who travelled across the seas of the Indonesian archipelago collecting everything from sandalwood to spices, exotic feathers and even gold, to sell at faraway lands such as Singapore.


Following a flamboyant history, Bugis Street was transformed in the mid ’90s with widened streets, modern shopping centres and conserved colonial shop houses. Nowadays, it is still frequented by tourists and locals alike. Visitors revel in its street lined stalls featuring traditional and contemporary artefacts, and eclectic street food. This thriving marketplace, with the history of the Bugis spice trade, influences the aromatic and specialized dishes
prepared at Bugis Street Brasserie.

Over the years, its popularity and reputation grew. In 2021 it moved to its new location at The Bailey’s Hotel London and as of July 2023, the restaurant has now re-branded as The Bugis Singapore Restaurant.

Dress Code

Smart Casual

Contact Us

140 Gloucester Road
London, SW7 4QH
United Kingdom
+44 2073 316308


12:00PM TO 11:00PM

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