Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

The Board is committed to ensuring that good practice in corporate governance is observed throughout the Group, and remains the responsibility of the whole Board. The Board is committed to maintaining high standards of business integrity and professionalism in all its activities, and supports the highest standards in corporate governance. A full statement with regard to corporate governance can be found in the current annual report.

Overall control of the Group is exercised by the Board, which meets up to ten times a year and which has responsibility, amongst other things, for setting strategy and ensuring that adequate resources are available and leadership is provided to achieve the Group's strategy.

Reserved matters which require Board approval include: 

  • acquisitions; 
  • significant property transactions; 
  • capital expenditure above predetermined limits; 
  • major contractual commitments; 
  • Board level and Company Secretary appointments/terminations; 
  • significant litigation issues; 
  • the Group's financial statements; 
  • communications with shareholders and 
  • approval of certain group-wide policies. 

Other matters which are reserved for the Board have been delegated to its standing committees.

 View the Company's current Articles of Association.

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