Explore Times Square, the vibrant heart of New York

Located at the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Times Square is a commercial neighborhood and a major intersection. This area has been immortalized in countless Hollywood blockbusters and continues to fuel the imagination of local residents and visitors to the Big Apple. This famous junction on Broadway and Seventh Avenue houses many well-known New York landmarks such as The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and the Theater District. This bustling square is known for its numerous shopping destinations and world class shows on Broadway. The square is named after the New York Times, which opened its headquarters at the Times Building in 1904.The billboards and signs at Times Square are some of the most well-known and expensive advertisement spots in the world.  This bow-shaped junction represents spirit of New York and its residents; and should definitely get a spot on every New York visitor’s itinerary. Find out what to expect on a visit to Times Square. Let us take you on a stroll through this neighborhood during the day and night.

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