Located just north of the capitol building, Germantown was the very first neighborhood to be established in Nashville. As its name suggests, it was founded by European immigrants in the 1850s and is now one of the more prosperous and pleasant areas in the city. Elegant red-brick Victorian architecture adds a sense of history and grandeur to the tree-lined streets and boulevards here, which boast 138 different trees species. Germantown offers a peaceful haven, yet is within reach of all the downtown action. This highly sought-after area in the west of the Cumberland River is also Nashville’s culinary hot spot with many top restaurants offering international cuisine.

Besides farm-to-table restaurants, this historic town is also great for visitors looking to visit Nashville during festive season – the largest festival of the city, Oktoberfest, takes place in Germantown every year. Here are some of the other things to do in the area as well as places to visit.

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