The community of Spenard, though a neighborhood of the Municipality of Anchorage, consider themselves to be a separate city. To foster this spirit of independence and solidarity in the generations to come, the community celebrates Spenardi Gras every year. A nationally renowned retreat for writers and artists, Spenard embodies the bohemian lifestyle and has many festivals and events that centre on the concept of a free life. Compared to the rest of Anchorage and even Alaska, Spenard has an extremely large number of bars and a very active night life. Spenard has a few prominent tourist spots and activities such as the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Kincaid Park, Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Regal Air and Flattop Trailhead. With natural beauty to rival the best in the world and great food and drink, Spenard is a great option for a break from stressful city living. To plan the right itinerary for your visit to Spenard, head over to our detailed and comprehensive guide below.

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