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Travellers flock to the small Southland town of Te Anau for its close proximity to Milford Sound. It’s associated with the famous fiord so much that it gained the nickname ‘The Gateway to Milford Sound’. For that reason, it’s a popular pit-stop between Queenstown and Milford and also a great place to stay overnight.

The town sits on the banks of Lake Te Anau near Fiordland National Park. The lake is the nation’s second largest, after Lake Taupo. Much of the activities in the region revolve around nature and the outdoors. If you’re a keen hiker and fan of Mother Earth, this place is like heaven. There are a number of well-known tramping tracks in the region.

Fiordland National Park offers some of the most stunning, rugged, unspoiled landscape that must be seen in person to be truly felt and appreciated. A trip to the southern west coast of New Zealand will not disappoint.

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