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Located 140 kilometres northeast of New Zealand's capital city of Wellington, Palmerston North is an urban area alive with the arts, theatre, education and entrainment.

The city's location was once a large clearing in the forest until the land was sold to the Crown in 1864. A humble town was built and by 1871, immigrants – many of whom were Scandinavian – settled here. It was named Palmerston North in 1873 to differentiate itself from Palmerston in the Otago region of the South Island.

Once the railway to Wellington was built, the town took shape and flourished as a farming and logging community. With the city's growth in population and industry, there was less need for it to rely on agriculture as a way of life. The relocation of the railway from the centre of town as well as the Massey University campus, the Linton Army base and new hospital all paved the way for today's modern city.

Today, Palmerston North is a city abuzz with university students, creatives, musicians, sports fans and nature lovers.

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