Mussanah is a town located in the Al Batinah Region of northern Oman and is a one hour drive away from Muscat. Al Batinah Region, otherwise known as Al Batinah, occupies an important location on the coast of Gulf of Oman. It lays between Khatmat Malahah in the north and Ras al-Hamra in the south and confined between the Al Hajar Mountains in the west and the Gulf of Oman in the east. Al Batinah Region contained the largest number of provinces (wilayat), numbering twelve: SoharAr RustaqShinasLiwaSahamAl-KhaburahSuwayqNakhalWadi Al MaawilAl AwabiAl-MusannahBarkaSuwayq is considered as the biggest walyah in the Batinah Region

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