That Beijing is a critical financial center in China is evident just by standing and soaking up the electric, hyper-lapsed atmosphere in the Central Business District (CBD).  As the secondary core hub for money, consulting, media, IT and service industries, the past years of strategic planning have seen Beijing Television Station (BTV) and CCTV establishing their new headquarters here. In addition, 117 Fortune 500 businesses, over 60 per cent of overseas-funded companies in Beijing, and a majority of the foreign embassies have also made this their base. 


Ultra-modern, buzzing and endlessly busy, it’s hard not to get caught up in the CBD’s energy, but along with the shiny new office blocks and skyscrapers there are shopping centers, cafés and parks, which deliver a happy balance and peaceful respite. No wonder around 50 thousand people choose to live and work in this area. Here’s why.

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