Grand Millennium Gizan Dining

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Grand Millennium Gizan

  • Turquoise Restaurant - All Day Dining

    Cuisine: International Buffet

    Enjoy your time and satisfy your taste in Turquoise restaurant, which has a wonderful view of the sea. The colors of the furniture and walls mimic the light brown beach, blue sea, and coral reefs.

    Turquoise restaurant offers guests a wide selection of delicious international oriental and western dishes to suit all tastes in a refreshing and charming atmosphere.
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  • Al Manzar Café

    Cuisine: Café & Lounge

    Al-Manzar lobby welcomes you with fascinating view of the sea located on the first floor.

    The Café characterized by its unique designs represented in the colors of the sea coral reefs and the golden sand color.

    Al Manzar Café is the perfect spot to make every gathering a memorable one. Al Manzar Café features an amazing menu of mouth-watering pastries and cakes along with hot and cold drinks to slurp on amidst classic services blended with contemporary modern touches.
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  • Alsafina Restaurant

    Cuisine: Sea Food

    Alsafina restaurant takes visitors on a journey to a unique marine world, embodied in the decor of boats on ceilings and counters. The trip is also completed with a rich list of eastern and western seafood seasoned dishes and delicious spices from around the world.

    In Alsafina restaurant, the splendor of the interior design is amazingly reflected through the unique style and the details of the restaurant. The place tells a story of "sailing in the world of seafood" through a variety of delicious dishes that take the visitor to an unparalleled marine world.

    The restaurant provides a unique experience by giving attention to the smallest details from the moment the visitor arrives until his departure. The fresh bread from our kitchen adds touches of a distinctive and special taste.

    Alsafina restaurant also offers an outstanding menu of appetizers that combines many dishes and ingredients from different regions for those who want an unparalleled dining experience that satisfies all tastes.
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