Millennium Resort Hangzhou
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In the middle of Hangzhou's beautiful Tea Gardens... 8/10 stars

Service staff are nice and always attentive; they try to help in the best way that they can. Overall it was a very good stay

| Mar/30/2016

Steeped in natural beauty and rich with history, Hangzhou is an earthly paradise.With its lush greenery, famous tea plantations, and ancient bamboo forests, it brings travellers from near and far. Nestled along Jiuxi (Nine Creek) and Xihu (West Lake), lies the tranquil luxury Millennium Resort Hangzhou. Featuring 151 guest rooms, each with plenty of natural light and a private balcony where you can enjoy the cool mountain air. Tea lovers will adore the authentic Longjing tea service.

From grilled dishes in to authentic Cantonese cuisine in , your culinary journey only gets better from here. Complete your rejuvenation at Spa where you can unwind under the expert hands of our therapists. Take a scenic stroll along the tree-shaded paths of the countryside or rent an environmental friendly electric vehicle. Stay and discover our distinctive Millennium hospitality in Hangzhou.

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Millennium Resort Hangzhou

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