Does Grand Millennium Tabuk have an onsite restaurant?

Grand Millennium Tabuk has 2 onsite restaurants, Lobby Cafe and Pool lounge.

  • Al Maksoura Restaurant - Guests are in for a vintage dining experience at this All-Day Dining restaurant that has a fantastic look and feel of the antique train carriage and cabin. The interiors do absolute justice to the name of the restaurant through its plush tapestries, opulent furniture, and the dark wood paneling that give it the cabin’y feel. Diners can indulge in a scrumptious meal from a delectable assortment of eastern and western dishes curated from various International cuisines, amidst a timeless ambiance.
  • Jazurna Restaurant - Juzurna, an Arabesque restaurant is reminiscent of the culinary art from Maghreb and Levant areas and stands true to its name. Juzurna means ‘Our Roots’ that astoundingly reflects through the phenomenal design and paintings. The restaurant artfully narrates the ‘return to the roots’ through its delectable array of dishes that reminds a diner of the nostalgic cuisine. The menu boasts of Maghreb and Levant areas cuisines and delicious dishes served in an elegant atmosphere where the past meets the present. Right from the welcome to the hospitality service, every tiny detail has been paid attention to, making it an incredible experience in a contemporary way. The in-house baked pita and Arabic bread add an authentic touch to the cuisine. Juzurna serves a creative Mezze style, infusing different flavours and ingredients from the regions, for those craving an authentic dining experience.
  • Al Multaqa Cafe  - Al Multaqa Café is home to many stories of travelers who once traveled by the train in the past and took the railway station as their meeting point. The depth of these stories can be seen through selected pieces of furniture brought in from all parts of the world representing the travelers from all destinations. The Café is the perfect spot to make every gathering a memorable one. Al Multaqa Café features an amazing menu of mouth-watering pastries and cakes along with hot and cold drinks to slurp on amidst classic services blended with contemporary modern touches.
  • Al Manzar Lounge - Everyone deserves to take a break and chill by the pool to unwind. Al Manzar Lounge offers guests the cool break they deserve. Guests are welcomed to pamper themselves at the poolside lounge with mind-blowing cocktails, juices, and canapes while enjoying a delightful dip in the pool.

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What kind of Breakfast is served at Grand Millennium Tabuk?

Grand Millennium Tabuk serves a hearty buffet style international breakfast spread for guests to enjoy.


Does Grand Millennium Tabuk offer buffet?

Al Maksoura Restaurant at Grand Millennium Tabuk serves buffet style meals for lunch and dinner. Enjoy exotic and flavourful delights at our All Day Dinning Restaurant .

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