How far is Grand Millennium Gizan from Airport?

Grand Millennium Gizan is located with in the Gizan University Complex and it is 18km from the Gizan Airport. 

  • City Centre (5 mins drive)

Does Grand Millennium Gizan offer airport transfer or shuttle bus service?

guests can directly contact Grand Millennium Gizan for assistance with transport arrangements –

What are the popular tourist attractions near Grand Millennium Gizan?

Grand Millennium Gizan is ideally located with in Gizan University Complex and have the following attractions around. 

  • Farasan Island is the largest island of Farasan and its just 50km offshore from Jizan, this island has been inhabited since Roman times and it is known for its incredible biodiversity.  
  • North Cornice Park is top rates tourist attraction in Gizan, huge green park with many exercise equipment, a great place to visit with family just 5 minutes drive from Grand Millennium Gizan. 
  • Waji Lajab is located 80 kilometres northeast of Jizan City just over 2000 meters above sea level, the most interesting fact of the wadi is that its produce the fresh water than any other wadi in Saudi Arabia.  
  • Jazan Heritage Village, at the southern Jazan corniche, is a cultural landmark that captures the ancient history of Jazan, linking it to its flourishing present, the village was established in 2009, visitors can see Al Baitul Tihami, the traditional Jazan hut made of mud,