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Grand Millennium Beijing

"Best place to stay in Beijing" 5/5 stars
Leticia B Jan 2017More About The Hotel
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"Best place to stay in Beijing"5/5 stars

The location is excellent, just a few steps from the subway station, hotel facilities are beautiful and v... read more

Leticia B
| 06 Jan 2017
Set in the business district of China's capital, the hotel is within easy reach of the capital's best attractions. Explore the worlds of fashion, culture, and art. Nearby you'll find the new CCTV headquarters and The Place shopping complex.Within the hotel, opulence is complemented by practical ease. Its 521 rooms feature an 'extended bathroom' concept, opening up the space and enhanced by large floor-to-ceiling windows. There's hotel-wide Wi-Fi, and the latest meeting and conference services.Relax and stay healthy at our spa and fitness facilities. Plus, savour international cuisines, wines, and beers at our bars and restaurants. It's all here for you to discover and enjoy.

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45 sqm / 484 sq ft
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45 sqm / 484 sq ft
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45 sqm / 484 sq ft
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M Suite

113 sqm / 1216 sq ft
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Grand Millennium Suite

209 sqm / 2249 sq ft
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Presidential Suite

340 sqm / 3660 sq ft
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From USD4236.57

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Explore Beijing

Home to some of the finest remnants of China's imperial past like the Great Wall of China and Forbidden City, Beijing is as complex as it is compelling. Don't leave the city without trying the famed Peking Duck.

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Tiananmen Square

Stand at the symbolic centre of the Chinese universe, where Chairman Mao conceived the Square during the Cultural Revolution.

Great Wall of China

The longest wall in the world is truly a remarkable feat of ancient defensive architecture.

An intimate urban affair

Imperial venues with a modern edge