If you are the executor of the estate of a deceased shareholder you will need to provide our registrar, Equiniti, with certain documents.  Usually these will be an original or official copy of the death certificate and/or a sealed or certified copy of the Grant of Representation.

Joint accounts

Where it is a joint account the death certificate is all that is required. When the death certificate is received the deceased holder's name is removed from the account leaving the remaining holder(s) against the shareholding. You will also need to return the current share certificate(s) so it can be reissued in the new names.

Single shareholder accounts

If the account is held by one shareholder only then the death certificate should be provided to our registrar to notify them of the death as soon as possible. This doesn't complete the registration process, but due to the length of time it takes to go through probate it is worth having this step in place. On receipt of the death certificate they will make a note on the register and write to the executor/person that notified them to confirm what else is required.

If the estate already has probate then there is no need for the death certificate at all.

If the small estate facility (i.e. there is no probate and that you want to use small estates) is to be used, you will need to confirm this and supply the death certificate as well.