Enter to the fascinating underwater world at the Sharjah Aquarium

About The Museum

 The Sharjah Aquarium first opened its doors on June 16, 2008.

Why you should visit Sharjah Aquarium

Explore the fascinating hidden world of the deep sea with its amazing creatures. Enjoy a close-up look at the local fishes and learn about Sharjah’s historic coasts and ports.

Explore the astonishing hidden world of the deep sea life

These aquariums shed light on the lively, mysterious and colorful world of the deep sea.

They reflect the diverse marine creatures living in our marine environment. It’s a captivating world encompassing passionately more than (150) species, including the beautiful clownfish, delicate seahorses, moray eels, sea rays and reef sharks. Contemplate the splendor of marine creatures of all sizes in the rocky shores, coral reefs, lagoons and mangroves. Sharjah Aquarium is the first and largest government educational center in UAE. Covering an area of 6500 m², it consists of two floors equipped with 20 aquariums, filled with 1.8 million liters of water.

The Sharjah Aquarium decided to set up a marine nature reserve in 2009 where protectors and volunteers work hand in hand to protect it, making it a safe habitat for fish to grow and reproduce, and a suitable environment for coral reefs growth. The need to set up such a marine nature reserve appeared after the global increase in marine pollution, the severity of marine environmental damages caused by harmful behaviors and activities (such as overfishing, oil spill and land reclamation), the plummeting numbers of fish and coral reefs after destroying their natural habitat and the destruction of many mangrove forests, which are considered one of the most important factors in the conservation of marine environment. Through this marine nature reserve, Sharjah Aquarium seeks to raise awareness about the importance of the marine environment and how to protect it.


Entry Fees to Sharjah Aquarium & Sharjah Maritime Museum "Joint Ticket":

Children (under 2 years): Free
Children (2-12 years): 15 AED
Adults (13+ years): 25 AED

Children group (2-12 years) – “6 or more”: 10 AED each
Adult group (13+ years) – “6 or more”: 15 AED each

Tourist groups Entry Fees:
Children tourist group (under 2 years): Free
Children tourist group (2-12 years): 10 AED each
Adult tourist group (13+ years): 15 AED each

Schools Entry Fees:
Government school trips: Free
Private school trips: 5 AED each


Distance from Copthorne Hotel Sharjah (2.7 km)

By Car: 7 minutes

By Public Transport: 15 minutes

Walking: 35 minutes

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