Discover the best themed park in Middle East: Dubai Park and Resorts

The largest integrated leisure and theme park in the Middle East, Dubai Parks and Resorts with its trio of theme parks is sure to keep you and your family entertained with fun filled activities and thrilling rides!

Dubai Parks and Resorts is the Middle East’s largest integrated leisure and theme park destination located on Sheikh Zayed road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Spread over 25 million square feet,[1] it features more than 100 rides and attractions, and consists of three theme parks: Motion gate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai and Lego land Dubai, and one water park: Lego land Water Park It also encompasses River-land Dubai,a themed retail and dining destination as well.


Distance from Grand Millennium Dubai (33.8 km)

By Car: 24 minutes

By Public Transport: 38 minutes

Walking: 7 hours

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