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Meeting Ed Eventi
Millennium Istanbul Golden Horn
Sale Blachaerna Ballroom

Create your own unforgettable memories with the signature of Millennium Istanbul Golden Horn . Blachaerna Ball Room is located just steps away from the famous Golden Horn of Istanbul. Let us do all preps for your special day ever, you just enjoy and have fun!

  • Area: 402 sqm / 4327 sqft
Sale Cibali Meeting Room
Cibali Meeting Room is hi tech equipped, elegant and chic desined & furnished, answering all your business needs. Your decision making has never been easier before! In the heart of history and modernity, be our guest and reach your goals in classy.
  • Area: 58 sqm / 624 sqft
Sale Kathisma Meeting Room
Kathisma Resturant gets its name from the Byzantium history. Meaning of dining hall of Emperor and noble families. We offer you to experience famous chef's special plates like Emperors did.
  • Area: 72 sqm / 775 sqft