Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen
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Best hotel in Xiamen 10/10 stars

I can shop and return to hotel to rest with ease as the hotel is located at the shopping street. The rooms are well renovated and clean and the staff are friendly too. I will come again next time.

Chin Ann T
Chin Ann T
Singapore, Singapore | Jan/06/2017

Located in the historic port city of Xiamen, this 22-storey luxury hotel fuses modernity and culture, and offers beautiful sea-views from most rooms. The hotel is located right next to Line 1 Metro Station Main Terminal, easy access to the prosperous Zhongshan pedestrian street, and within Xiamen’s major business and financial districts, while many other attractions such as Gulangyu Island, Nanputuo Temple, the Botanic Garden, and Hulishan Fortress are minutes away as well. Perfectly set up for business, we have many flexible venues with advanced facilities that can be configured to suit your specific requirements for conferences, seminars, celebrations, or other special occasions. When you’re done exploring, you can unwind at our restaurants and bars, reinvigorate yourself at the gym or pool, or perhaps, place your tired feet in the care of an expert reflexologist. Step in and experience Xiamen hospitality at its finest.


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Superhero Appreciation

Millennium organized COVID-19 Superhero Appreciation campaign to say thank you to all doctors, nurses and medical care personnel.