Millennium Rewards United Kingdom
Millennium Rewards Terms and Conditions
Millennium Rewards United Kingdom

Millennium Rewards Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

1. Membership to Millennium Rewards is open to UK resident hotel bookers i.e. Secretaries and PAs who regularly book meetings, events and accommodation on behalf of their organisation.

2. Organisations registered as a participating member in the Programme shall nominate Members who shall be expressly authorised by them to submit hotel bookings on their behalf.

3. Written approval to participate in the Programme will have to be obtained by the Member from their Line Manager and shall be produced upon request to Millennium & Copthorne Hotels for verification.

4. Employees of organisations who earn commission from new business are not eligible to participate in this programme.

5. The programme allows any number of hotel bookers employed by each organisation to register onto the programme, and each individual will be sent a unique Millennium Rewards ID number. Membership is subject to acceptance by Millennium & Copthorne Hotels who retains the right to refuse membership.

6. Members may not claim Millennium Rewards points in conjunction with any other loyalty programme operated by Millennium & Copthorne Hotels.

7. Millennium & Copthorne Hotels reserves the right to declare invalid those bookings it has reason to believe are not in accordance with the terms and conditions of this incentive programme, and to withdraw the incentive at any time.

8. Millennium Rewards points will only be awarded from 14 days after the guest has departed, and has been paid in full. Millennium Rewards points cannot be claimed for cancelled bookings.

9. Points may only be earned for bookings made at Millennium & Copthorne hotels in the UK & Europe.

10. Points can only be earned for bookings made on behalf of the booker’s organisation and not for personal bookings.

11. Millennium Rewards points are awarded for room nights on the basis of 1 point per room night booked, or 2 points when France and Germany are booked.

12. Millennium Rewards points are awarded for meetings and events on the basis of 1 point per £100 of the final paid value of the booking. The minimum value of the booking members are eligible to claim points for: is £500 outside of Central London and £1000 within Central London. This equates to 5 points outside of Central London, and 10 points within Central London.

13. Members have the option to claim either Millennium & Copthorne Hotel vouchers (which may be redeemed at Millennium & Copthorne Hotels worldwide), or Marks & Spencer vouchers. Each point is worth either £4 worth of Millennium & Copthorne Hotel vouchers or £2 worth of Marks & Spencer vouchers. Allow 14 working days for vouchers to be received. No cash alternative is available against vouchers.

14. To qualify for points quote the Millennium Rewards ID number when booking. To claim and/or redeem points - members are required to quote their Millennium Rewards ID number when booking.

15. The redemption value of points may vary at any time at the discretion of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels. Members will be notified in advance by email of any changes to the value of points.

16. By enrolling in Millennium Rewards all participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the programme.

17. Hotels operated by Millennium & Copthorne Hotels may be subject to change.

18. Points earned may be redeemed for up to 24 months from the date of being awarded, after which time they will become invalid.

19. Any queries relating to points should be directed to – within six weeks of being awarded.

20. Millennium & Copthorne Hotels do not accept any tax liability for individual participants in this programme. Millennium & Copthorne Hotels are obliged to report details of the value of awards, made to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and account for Class 1A National Insurance, under section 10ZA of the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992, for each tax year. It is therefore important that you complete all sections of the application form, including your National Insurance Number. However, please note any tax payable and the further reporting required to HMRC will remain the responsibility of the individual recipient. A statement of points earned will be provided upon request by contacting Millennium Rewards.

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