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Featured Item: M Hotel Singapore's Famous Chicken Pies

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M Hotel’s signature chicken pie has been touted as one of the best in Singapore for almost 20 years.
This signature is handmade and crafted patiently by the deft hands of in-house chef, Wang Khang See every day who is aged 75 years old now.

The chicken pie has added a local touch where Chef Wang who is a Hainanese that makes them even more unique.
There are inherent differences between our chicken pie and those outside as M Hotel’s dedication to quality is also demonstrated in its meticulous attention to the ingredients it uses.
From the chunks of chicken, carrots and button mushrooms; creamy liquid sauce and balanced to just right of the puff pastry leaving it not-oily compared to tiny morsels, dry fillings with drenched oily puff pastry of the others.
Chef Wang has devoted vigilant efforts in ensuring the correct and authentic taste of this popular local pastry.

The thing that makes these pies so good is the passion and attention to details that go into making them.
Chef Wang who sees the pies as a craft instead of a job says ‘It’s a craft to me that not everybody can replicate the same taste given the same recipe’.

As the pastries are made of good quality butter, the making of these pies have to be done in the freezer itself to maintain the shape of the pastry before baking.

‘I stand in the freezer alone in the temperature of 1 – 3 degrees Celsius for almost 2 hours, which not many can withstand the coldness but I can,’ proudly says Chef Wang.