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Christmas Festive Food Deals 



NOV 2021 – FEB 2022

Millennium Hotels and Resorts invites you to join us during this Season of Giving, when we give ourselves and our loved ones the time and right to celebrate and welcome a new year. Come check out the amazing array of delicacies, treats and sweets that our hotels have prepared for you.

And while you are there treating yourself, do spare a thought for those less fortunate and donate to the Red Cross at the simple and handy terminal available in all our hotels. This season of giving, help us support the Red Cross and its efforts to champion and engage the needy in Singapore. 

It is once again time to review, to reflect and to rejoice. This pandemic has changed the lives of many people and we look forward to moving together into a better year ahead. 

Season’s Greetings and a Merry New Year.


Princess Terrace

Copthorne King's Hotel Singapore

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The Orchard Cafe, Hua Ting, Bar Intermezzo

Orchard Hotel Singapore 

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Café 2000

M Hotel Singapore City Centre

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Food Capital

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore

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