Located on Boston’s waterfront at the heart of the Government Centre, Faneuil Hall is part of Boston’s historic Freedom Trail, which takes visitors along the city’s famous historical sites. The area is bordered by the Financial District, the Waterfront, the North End, Government Centre and Haymarket. Built in 1743, Faneuil Hall was originally a market place and meeting hall and was also where America’s founding fathers Samuel Adams and James Otis gave landmark speeches heralding America’s Independence from Great Britain. In 1890, Faneuil Hall Marketplace was again the site of an important speech by Julius Caesar Chappelle who spoke in support of the Federal Elections Bill that eventually gave African Americans the right to vote. The area remains popular for political debates and presidential campaigning to this day. Often referred to as “the Cradle of Liberty”, Faneuil Hall is one of America’s most visited tourist sites. Now designated a National Historic Landmark, Faneuil Hall is part of a larger marketplace which includes North Market, Quincy Market and South Market.  

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