The M Social Project was inspired by Millennium Hotels and Resorts thinking the Blue Ocean way. 
Blue Ocean Shift is the much-awaited sequel to the international bestseller Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Ki, and Renee Mauborgne.  With a blue ocean mindset, anything is possible through creativity.  Inspired by Blue Ocean Shift,  M Social Project is the playground for creativity and inspiration.


    M Social Project is about thinking differently. You can see Blue Ocean Shift in the multi-functional spaces – the check-in transforms into a thriving bar and the rooms are stylishly designed with millennials in mind. At the M Social Hotel in Singapore, Blue Ocean Shift greets you in the morning through innovative robots that deliver your paper on time and cook your eggs how you like them.
By setting the stage for creativityM Social encourages guests and staff alike to unleash their imagination and sail into new seas full of possibilities full of energy      




"At M Social Auckland, Blue Ocean Shift has helped us find a balance between functionality and emotion when it comes to giving our guests their best experience. 'Getting the job done' is the bare minimum and we can do so much better than that."

Concierge Manager, M Social Auckland


"We recently took on a shiny new member of staff at M Social Singapore and he's completely changing our service approach - AURA the room service robot is a great example of how we're viewing the needs of our guests through the Blue Ocean Lens."



General Manager, M Social Singapore




"Blue Ocean Shift is built on small, intelligent changes that can have huge impacts. At M Social Auckland, this meant starting with happy, confident staff. A positive workplace is something guests pick up on, especially in a hotel."


Head Chef, M Social Auckland

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