48 Hours in Al Jahra, Kuwait

Apr 15,2016

You might be in town for business and staying at the Al Jahra Copthorne Hotel & Resort, but there’s more to explore in this corner of Kuwait than your beautiful swimming pool. This 48-hour itinerary will help you take in the must-see spots.

Day 1: Morning

Take your Kid or Inner Kid to a Theme Park

Once you’ve had breakfast at the Al Jahra Copthorne Hotel & Resort – your 4-star family-friendly base just a half hour’s drive from both the city centre and the airport – ask the concierge to arrange a driver to take you to the huge Entertainment City. It might not be spanking new, but it will still be a memorable experience for both the kids and adults alike. Spread over a million square metres are three theme parks: Arab World (awash with Arabian-themed rides such as Sinbad the Sailor), International World and Future World. There is also a nice garden, a lake and several options for lunch.

Note: During summer, opening hours are from 5pm to 1am and Mondays are for women only.

Day 1: Afternoon & Evening

Make a Trip to the Red Fort

Don’t forget to take along your camera for some late afternoon or sunset photos at the Red Fort. This historical spot sits close to the highway and here is where the British helped defeat invading troops from Saudi Arabia in 1920. This dusty red mud structure with its four towers may seem humble, but it’s seen a lot. Once you’ve got those important shots, head back to the Al Jahra Copthorne Hotel & Resort to unwind over dinner at the friendly Sports Bar. If the LCD TV screens aren’t showing a game you like, you can always enjoy some shisha and drinks out by the pool.

Alternatively, the atmospheric Assaha Village in Kuwait City is more of a traditional Lebanese village with several wonderful places to dine inside. Be sure to book ahead.

Day 2: Morning

Try Ice-Skating or Weaving

You might not think it, given Kuwait’s hot climate, but the Olympic-size rink in Kuwait is one of the best in the region. And with a capacity of 1600 spectators, the country’s official ice-hockey team is often training and playing right here. A member of the International Ice Hockey Federation, the Kuwait Falcons are worth seeing, but even if you miss a chance to catch them, you can skate in their footsteps all morning and have a light lunch at the cafeteria.

If it’s art you prefer however, the Kuwait Textile Arts Association hosts various Bedouin weaving classes for both adults and children.

Create your own quilt in Kuwait. Credit: Shyamala Rao / Kuwait Textile Arts Association

Day 2: Afternoon & Evening

Explore Kuwait’s Great Outdoors

Salmiya seaside, Kuwait City. Credit: Emad Aljumah / Getty Images

For a respite from the afternoon heat, Messilah Beach is a great place to unwind, although it pays to choose your timing wisely. It’s ladies only here from 9am to 7pm on Saturdays, Mondays and Thursdays. With the ocean as well as three pools, shaded gardens and barbecue space, Messilah Beach is a hit with families.

Just as popular is The Sea Front where you’ll find the Kuwait Towers, Green Island and Swimming Pools Complex, plus water sports – perfect for some splashing about. With a host of private yachts and boats to admire, The Sea Front makes a great spot for some evening dining too. Try Fish Market for a high-quality meal served up with beautiful views of the coast.

With your 48 hours up, you might feel you haven’t seen enough. If you feel like extending your trip, the staff at Al Jahra Copthorne Hotel & Resort will be only too happy to help.


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