What kind of traveller are you? Take our quiz to find out

May 10,2015

When you check into a hotel, what are you looking for? While some might want to rest and recharge at the spa, others may be keen to drop their bags and embark on a non-stop sightseeing itinerary. To help you find accommodation that fits, we’ve devised a quiz to reveal your true, travelling self.

You’ve checked in and are ready for takeoff, but how do you plan to pass the time on the plane? 

A) With a glass of chilled chardonnay, a pile of guidebooks and a highlighter, as I’m going to be drawing up my itinerary.

B) Time to catch up on a few films; it’s all about escapism.

C) Flying is the perfect time to catch up on admin undisturbed – perfect my PowerPoint presentation.

D) Armed with my eye mask and cosy travel socks, I’m planning on a well-deserved snooze.

Having got to your room and dropped off your bags, it’s time to get this holiday started. What’s the first thing on the agenda?

A) A quick freshen up before heading straight out; there’s so much to see and do.

B) Lace up my walking boots and revive flight-weary legs with an energy-boosting stroll.

C) Recharge my phone so I can log on and check my emails. I might have missed something while in the air.

D) What’s the rush? Time to see how comfy the bed is.

As the sun sets your attention turns to pre-dinner drinks. Where are you headed?

A) I’ll be mixing with the city’s movers and shakers at a hot new opening.

B) Somewhere with a rooftop terrace – I want to take in the view.

C) The hotel’s executive lounge.

D) I’m easy, as long as I’m reclining by a pool.

Rise and shine, it’s time to get up! As you throw open the curtains, what’s the first thing you see?

A) A sparkling urban landscape just waiting to be explored.

B) A world of adventure filled with limits to be pushed and personal bests to be beaten.

C) I’m already in the gym by the time the sun rises.

D) I spy a sunlounger with my name on it.

And what are you craving for breakfast?

A) Not much, maybe coffee and a pastry. I’ve got a big day of gourmet adventures planned.

B) A hearty full English breakfast – I’m going to need to keep my energy levels up.

C) I keep things healthy with granola and fresh fruit.

D) Breakfast? Make it brunch, I need a lie-in.

Time to check out your new surrounds. What do you have planned for your first day away?

A) An art exhibition, a museum tour and a riverboat cruise – and that’s all before lunch.

B) Some thrilling white-knuckle activities.

C) Back-to-back meetings, but that’s not going to stop me from heading to the local night market at the end of the day.

D) Sunbathing, swimming, sunbathing, swimming. Might even head to the spa

Friends back home want to hear what you have been getting up to. Do you drop them a postcard or an email?

A) I don’t have time – they can just check my Instagram

B) I’ll save the updates for when I get home. Words won’t do justice to what I’ve captured on my GoPro.

C) Postcards are so passé, I’ll shoot my contacts an email on the run.

D) Writing? Typing? Sounds like hard work and I’m here to get away from the outside world.

It’s time to head home. At the airport, you feel…

A) Inspired by all the culture and creativity you’ve encountered.

B) Exhausted, but in the best possible way.

C) Like I have the work-life balance all figured out.

D) Refreshed and revived.

If you answered…

Mostly A: The city slicker

The travel-savvy city slicker always has their bags packed and is ready to take advantage of last-minute deals. One step ahead of the curve, you know all about the latest exhibitions and the hottest new openings. You thrive on exploring and that’s why your hotel needs to offer easy access to the main sights and attractions. It also has to be more than just a base – the city slicker wants style and substance. Look for unique hotels that are bursting with character and luxurious flourishes, such as Italy’s fresco-filled five-star Grand Hotel Palace Rome, which is located on the fashionable Via Veneto, or the loft-inspired Studio M Hotel in Singapore’s downtown entertainment precinct of Robertson Quay.

Grand Hotel Palace Rome

Mostly B: The outdoor adventurer

From hiking to hang-gliding, your holidays are all about embracing adrenaline-fuelled activities. You want stunning countryside and picture-perfect views. However, just because you plan to spend your days out and about doesn’t mean you won’t want to spend the night somewhere comfortable – this is why the Copthorne and Kingsgate hotels situated throughout New Zealand are your perfect travel match. Aimed at the value-conscious traveller, the affordable rooms mean you’ll have more money to spend on daredevil antics. These are also positioned in some of the most scenic locations in the country, such as the Copthorne Hotel and Resort Lakefront (open year-round), which has Queenstown’s sparkling waterways and snow-capped mountains on its doorstep.


Mostly C: The work hard, play hard

Your schedule might be filled with business meetings, but that doesn’t mean you are immune to the charms of your destination. The work hard, play hard is exactly that – getting up early to hit the gym and staying up late to make the most of your surrounds. Location is also key – your hotel has to be close to a central business district, government offices or corporate headquarters, while having conference rooms and flexible meeting spaces, too. The Millennium brand offers a number of modern business hotels that meet these requirements, such as the Millennium Hotel Sirih Jakarta in Indonesia. This hotel ticks a list of corporate essentials – close to the airport, speedy internet connection, luxury business suite – and it’s close enough to Jakarta’s famous textile market so travellers can immerse themselves in local life after office hours.


Mostly D: The lounge lizard

Getting away should mean just that: an opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life with a relaxing holiday. A seaside location or a tranquil swimming pool and an enticing menu of spa treatments are all a priority for the lounge lizard looking for their perfect getaway hotel. Appealing to luxury travellers, the resort hotels from the Millennium brand can offer just that. Thailand’s Millennium Resort Patong Phuket and its world-class Escentika Spa allow world-weary travellers to immerse themselves in tropical surrounds, while the pace of life slows at the tranquil Millennium Resort Hangzhou in China, where travellers can take it easy among tea plantations and ancient forests.


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