Weekend Work Trip in Dubai

Nov 20,2018

Said to be one of the business capitals of the world, Dubai is a vibrant city where many travel for conferences, client visits or weekend work trips. Not only is it an international business hub, but also a destination full of architectural landmarks and cultural sights worth seeing when you get a moment to yourself amongst your busy schedule. From top to bottom, arrival to departure and everything in between, here’s your weekend work trip in Dubai – done and done.

Entertaining clients – Dubai Opera and dinner

For a night-out entertaining clients, Dubai is a perfect fit. Between world-class cuisine and unique experiences, you’ll have no problem impressing your business partners. For a pre-dinner show, Dubai Opera is a sophisticated and immersive theatre venue with a variety of performances running throughout the year. From comedic stand-up to a light synchronised concert orchestra, there’s always something that’s bound to be exciting, and in this stunning venue – memorable too.


At.mosphere, found on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa, is a world-renowned restaurant. For a lavish evening, enjoy a seven course wine pairing menu and sample wines from around the world. Otherwise, just grab a couple of cocktails – some of which include smoked Frankincense. As the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa has a falcon’s eye view of Dubai. From the 124th floor you can use the high-powered telescope to peer across the city in search of its canals, fountains and more. Simply standing on the public outdoor observation deck is exciting enough and will end the night on an unforgettable note.


Afternoon at Dubai Miracle Garden

It may be a weekend for work, but you’d be remiss if you didn’t look up from your emails to explore – just a little. In between meetings, grab a coffee and take a seat on the edge of the Dubai Fountain found in Downtown Dubai. As a part of the Burj Lake, the fountain is made up of one thousand different water expressions. Some advice? Keep an eye on your watch – becoming distracted can be pretty easy. 

Better yet, if you can sneak a few hours out of your day, visit Dubai’s Miracle Garden. With over fifty million – yes, million – flowers used across the displays, this botanical wonderland is a refreshing change from a meeting room. Plus, there’s a butterfly garden which is home to over thirty-five thousand species of butterflies. Magical doesn’t even come close to describing it all.


Goodbye, Dubai at 43 Sky Lounge

One for the road? Give Dubai a proper send-off at the end of your trip with a final stop at Level 43 Sky Lounge. This rooftop bar has skyline views of the city, but let’s be honest, you’re here to sink a cocktail and celebrate the end of a successful weekend. Forty-three floors high, sipping on a ‘Thai Me Up’ lemongrass and raspberry infused gin cocktail is what weekends are (actually) for. 

Stay at Grand Millennium Business Bay.

My Millennium – Travel With Ease

With a weekend full of work, socializing and sight-seeing – you’ll feel pressed for time to organize all the details of your trip. That’s where My Millennium comes in handy – when you travel as a My Millennium member you get member Member Rewards like complimentary laundry services, spa treatments and more. Not to mention the amount of Member Benefits, like earning points with every stay and new experiences every time you travel. My Millennium makes traveling, like a weekend work trip to Dubai, a breeze. Change the way you travel and become a My Millennium member today.

Nobody likes to work on the weekend, but when you get to travel abroad and to a city like Dubai, mixing work and leisure is easily done. With everything you need to make the most of your short stay – from entertaining clients to sightseeing in between meetings – you might, just might, begin to look forward to weekend working trips in Dubai.


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