Underground Things To Do

Jun 19,2018

Keeping your finger on the pulse on your travels isn’t always easy. Every day, new trends pop up around our cities. But what exactly is going on underground? You just have to dig a little deeper to find out. 

Waitomo Glow-worm Caves

New Zealand is known for its crystal-clear skies and incredible stargazing opportunities. But on the rare occasion that the clouds obscure the view, the locals know exactly where to go to get their fix - underground. The Waitomo Glow-worm Caves have been a part of local culture since the late 1700s and were named after the Maori words for water (“wai”) and hole (“tomo”). But that’s not the reason thousands of people visit the caves every year. When the sun sets in the small village of Waitomo, the caves come alive with light. Powered by tiny glow-worms, you can wander underneath the glittering wonderland or silently glide through the spellbinding Glow-worm Grotto on a boat. This underground galaxy doesn’t have shooting stars, but there’s no doubt you’re lucky if you see Waitomo’s precious caves.

Where to stay: Millennium Hotel and Resort Manuels Taupo

City Hall Subway Station, New York


New York just wouldn’t be New York without its subway system. It makes seeing the beautiful city a breeze. But you might be surprised to find that the subway itself is one of the sights many travellers add to their to-do list. In fact, 400 feet from the gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge stop, the City Hall Subway Station is a secret gem that even some locals don’t know about. What makes the station so special is that - even though it has been unused since 1945 - it remains in pristine condition. On a sunny day, the skylights paint the oak furnishings and intricate plaques in brilliant light and you’re almost transported back to busy New York in the 1940s.

Where to stay: Millennium Broadway New York Times Square

Chislehurst Caves, London


It wasn’t that long ago that rock star David Bowie took the party downstairs. To the Chislehurst Caves, to be more precise. And he wasn’t the only one. Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd were just some of the big music names that performed in the vast Roman caves under the charming town of Chislehurst, just 40 minutes from central London. These days, the caves still echo with subterranean concerts, when small bands perform to intimate crowds. But during the day, there’s so much more to explore. Among the tunnels and arches, the 22-mile long Chislehurst Caves are full of relics from a time gone by. A great place to start is with the enormous map of the sprawling caves etched into the wall. Happy exploring!

Where to stay: The Bailey's Hotel London


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