Street Art Destinations

Jun 05,2018

Art galleries are great - but why would you queue up when every city has walls painted with trendy masterpieces? Time to put on your best walking shoes and pack your camera because some of the coolest (and most colorful) street art destinations are just around the corner. 

Ekta’s Canalside Masterpiece

When it comes to artsy cities, London has been one to watch for years. The stomping-ground of some of the world’s best street artists and an arts hub in every sense, of course there are plenty of activities for the graffiti enthusiast. But who needs a guided art tour when one of the best routes is so clearly marked out? For some of the city’s trendiest street art all you have to do is head for Regents Canal. 

As you stroll down the canalside, you’re sure not to miss Swedish artist Ekta’s renowned mural. The stark black and white piece jumps out from its dark brickwork background of the Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick. Ekta’s work is anything but simple - and his elaborate contraption is no exception. But there’s a special tale behind all the details. Speaking with local Londoners and finding inspiration in their stories is the secret to his art. 

Where to stay: Millennium Hotel London Mayfair

Kobra’s Kaleidoscope Faces

What makes a great artist? That’s difficult to say. But in Eduardo Kobra’s work case, it would have to be the life his work breathes into any city it touches. Kobra describes his style as ‘kaleidoscopic’ - and rightly so. Hyper-realistic portraits of iconic historical figures are created by carefully assembling vivid geometrical shapes in every color you can imagine. Sunny La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles recently got a colorful addition in the form of Albert Einstein’s wise eyes, adding some excitement to the already lively city. When it comes to Kobra’s artwork, photos won’t ever do it justice. And you know what that means - you’re just going to have to go to LA and see it for yourself. 


Where to stay: Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles

The Knight In Shining Artmor

Some artists make such a mark on their cities that their art becomes an important part of seeing the best of the city. And that is certainly true of Fred le Chevalier, a name that has become synonymous with Paris’ street art culture. Le Chevalier (or ‘The Knight’) brings a quirky charm to the trendy Marais district with his signature small, simple characters. 

Unlike typical graffiti methods, le Chevalier’s murals are made from pre-made decals that are fixed to the wall as passersby watch. You might see him assembling one of his alleyway masterpieces, if you’re lucky. Over the years, the murals have popped up all over the city, as more and more characters become part of the story. And what story is that exactly? You’d have to ask Fred, if you can find him. 

Where to stay: Millennium Hotel Paris Opera

Rainbow Stairs Of Istanbul

Sometimes, a new pop of color on the streets isn’t the work of a famous artist. In Istanbul, a local man took a paintbrush to the steps connecting the artsy districts of Findikli and Cihangir and created one of the most beautifully simple photo opportunities in the city. But even more captivating is the story behind the rainbow steps - only one day after the local man painted them, the bright colors were painted over in a muted grey by government officials. But it didn't take long before locals re-painted the steps and they have stayed just as vibrant ever since. 

Where to stay: Millennium Istanbul Golden Horn


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