Quiz: Where should you go for Christmas?

Dec 16,2015

Don’t have any plans for Christmas yet? Take our fun, festive quiz and let us recommend a destination to suit your seasonal style. 

1. When someone says ‘Christmas’, your first thought is:

A) Father Christmas, fairy lights, ice skating, roaring log fires and the smell of cinnamon biscuits.

B) Is it that time of year again? Let’s hope this year is a little bit different.

C) Gifts! I know what I want already…

D) Brisk winter walks – ’tis the season to be outdoors, not indoors. 

2. What’s written on your festive to-do list as the big day approaches?

A) Presents wrapped? Tick. Tree decorated? Tick. Christmas pudding made? Tick. I love this time of year and start preparing months in advance.

B) To be honest, I’m not sure where to begin. Can someone else organise it for me?

C) Shopping, shopping and more shopping! The twinkling lights, the window displays – malls really deliver on the glitz and glamour at Christmas.

D) Stock up on thermals, treat me and the kids to new winter jackets – we don’t let a little thing like cold weather stop us having fun.

Credit: Seb Oliver/Getty Images

3. The thought of hitting the shops to buy presents for friends and family makes you feel…

A) All warm inside. Whether giving or receiving, swapping presents is a huge part of the festive season.

B) Exhausted. Looks like everyone will be getting socks again this year.

C) Merry with excitement. I’m sure I will find a few presents for me too.

D) A bit rushed. I’d rather be out in the countryside than roaming city streets.

4. What will you ask Santa to pop under the tree for you this year?

A) A snow globe, so I can shake it and feel Christmassy all year round.

B) A few days of peace and quiet wouldn’t go amiss.

C) Something from the pages of a high-end fashion magazine.

D) A video camera! I need to record all of 2016’s adventures.

5. That’s gifts taken care of, but what gourmet treats are you looking forward to?

A) Simple – mince pies and mulled wine.

B) I know what I don’t want – turkey curry for days and days.

C) Oysters, lobster, a perfectly cooked steak – why stick to turkey?

D) Turkey and the trimmings, or anything else, so long as it keeps me filled up and ready to go.

Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images

6. And as for decorations, will you be decking the halls with boughs of holly?

A) Yes… and mistletoe and an actual real pine tree.

B) I might put up a few Christmas cards. 

C) Maybe, but I hear Tiffany & Co. does some gorgeous baubles.

D) Holly is for outdoors, not indoors.

7. When it’s all over for another year, what’s the first thought that enters your head on Boxing Day?

A) 365 days until we get to do it all over again!

B) Was all that fuss really worth it?

C) What time do the New Year sales start?

D) Time to burn off those Christmas calories with a big walk.

Carnaby Street, London. Credit: Christine Wehrmeier/Getty Images 

Let’s decipher your answers. If you picked…

Mostly A, you’ll love a fairytale festive celebration.

You like your Christmas to look like a scene from a film – a fairytale city, picture-perfect markets selling beautifully crafted gifts and plenty of festive cheer everywhere you turn. Pack your hat, gloves and best Christmas jumper and book a stay at the Millennium Hotel London Mayfair. Whether it’s for a romantic getaway or a magical family holiday, the city has heaps of holiday attractions – including Christmas fairs and markets selling everything from holiday-themed handmade decorations to unique and intricate jewellery. When you’ve perused all you can, take in the splendour of London aboard a Christmas Day cruise down the River Thames.

Mostly B, you’ll love an unconventional Christmas.

If you’re not fussed about the festive season, why not turn your usual routine on its head and swap turkey with all the trimmings for cocktails by a pool? You might be a businessperson who spends all their travel time in a conference room or simply keen to make the most of the kids’ time off with a warm-weather break. Whatever the reason, in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands you can get away from last-minute shoppers and Christmas hits playing on the radio and relax at the Copthorne Hotel and Resort Bay of Islands’ Pure Bliss Day Spa.

Dubai Fountain show. Credit: 4FR/Getty Images

Mostly C, you’ll love glitz, glamour and decadence.

Christmas equals presents. And whether you’re buying for others or treating yourself, you’re at your happiest when browsing boutiques and high-end shops. So instead of relying on Santa to deliver this year, find your own gifts at the Dubai Mall. This sprawling shopping destination embraces the festive spirit with its Santa’s Grotto and spectacular Elementis ice-skating show. In keeping with the luxury theme, stay at the five-star Grand Millennium Dubai. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, its neighbours just happen to be the Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battuta shopping mall.

Mostly D, you’ll love a winter wonderland.

Being cooped up in front of the TV this Christmas is not your idea of fun. You would rather be outside hiking, biking or building a snowman. Embrace the great outdoors – and the best of the season’s weather – in Boulder, Colorado. Thanks to its location at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, there are pristine slopes mere miles from Millennium Harvest House Boulder, which means plenty of opportunities to go skiing and snowboarding.

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