Natural Ice Rinks Around the World

Jan 11,2019

This year, let the wonder of naturally frozen lakes and surrounding forests charm you onto the ice for an outdoor skating experience that’s pretty magical. Professional or novice, these natural ice rinks from around the world are a go-to for an outdoor skating experience. 

Evergreen Lake, Colorado – America 

During winter, the pine-covered mountains of Colorado are dusted with snow, and its Evergreen Lake freezes over to create the most beautiful natural ice rink. 

Known to be the world’s largest Zamboni-groomed outdoor rink, Evergreen Lake sports 8.5 acres of smooth, thick ice. The splendor of the iced lake draws lots of visitors, but luckily being the size that the lake is, you won’t find yourself bumping into other skaters. Just make sure you check for cracks while skating, although the lake is maintained it’s still open to the elements. Speaking of which, layer up in puffy jackets and thermal gloves to keep you cozy. 

When the cold begins to bite at your ankles, you’ll find a roaring fireplace for reheating frozen feet as well as comforting hot chocolate to warm you up inside the Evergreen Lake House. The rink is open during the whole frosty season, from December to February, but be sure to check availability before you go, since the lake can close abruptly due to unruly weather.

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Shichahai Lake, Beijing – China 

What used to be a part of the emperor’s vast gardens, is now a collection of three beautiful lakes surrounded by popular restaurants and bustling bars. When the cold winter air freezes over the lakes, it becomes a mecca of winter sport activities.

Visitors can bring their own skates or rent a pair on-site for 20 yuan. Alternatively, you could pair-up in a two-seater ice-chair or cart and use iron sticks to get yourself around the ice. It might sound a little comical, but it’s pretty cute watching parents slip and slide around the ice with their kids. Speaking of sliding, there’s also a five-meter-tall ice slide that’s really popular, especially this year, where the rink is themed around the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. For a taste of the competitive spirit, there’s usually an ice hockey game happening on one of the lakes –  so give yourself a break and support one of the sides.

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Westchester Lagoon, Anchorage – Alaska 

Not even the snow and icy weather can keep the residents of Anchorage, Alaska, indoors. Once the Westchester Lagoon has frozen over, families, friends and lovers come out to enjoy the crisp, beautiful days (and nights) on the ice. 

Picture this, a 50-something-acre frozen lake, outlined by a wooded hillside with a beaver lodge, the faraway sound of passing trains and a spectacular view of the Chugach Mountain. This is a place where teenagers share a first date on the ice, ice hockey players practice their fitness, parents teach their kids how to skate and cross-country skiers zip past on the Coastal Trail. It’s a community feeling, with a touch of festive anticipation. Huge metal barrels with burning logs are scattered across the rink where you can roast marshmallows and heat up mid skate. It truly is a winter wonderland.
Winter is not only the time for warm blankets and log fires, but also for venturing out into the crisp outdoors to experience something a little different. Dare to skate the winter blues away wherever you are – from Colorado, to China, to Alaska.

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