Must-see checklist for female business travellers

Nov 03,2015

Travelling for work can be exciting and fulfilling but it's important to remember that being a woman business traveller also comes with risks. Here are our tips for staying safe on the road.

Plan ahead for your health needs

If you’re pregnant, check in with your doctor before you fly. The best time to travel is when you’re in your second trimester, as the risks of miscarriage and premature labour are lower. If you do have to make a trip late into your pregnancy, do some research into your airline’s terms and conditions, as a letter from your doctor might be required. It’s also helpful to know which pregnancy-related conditions are covered by your insurance plan.

Arrange meetings in locations you know

Orchard Hotel Singapore

One way to ensure you're always safe is to have your company arrange all business meetings prior to your arrival so you can check out the locations as well as who you're meeting. Choose to meet in hotels (many of our hotels such as the Millennium Hotel Glasgow and the Orchard Hotel Singapore have very pleasant conference rooms for this purpose) or in restaurants/office buildings in well-populated areas. If you haven’t met the person before, make sure you don’t meet up alone in an unfamiliar location.

Use apps to help you out

Thanks to apps there is always a way to solve a problem when you’re travelling alone. Google Maps is a pro at keeping you on the safest path to your next destination. Put your phone in your pocket and listen for the directions so your phone isn’t obvious while you’re walking around. WhatsApp will keep you connected with your colleagues in one group chat, and your friends and family in another. That way, everyone will know where you are.

Always dress for your surroundings

If you're carrying a laptop, be sure to hide it in a bag not specifically designed for a laptop and carry your passport and money in a belt around your waist, under your clothes. Be sure to find out about local clothing customs, and it’s best not to wear expensive jewellery. Try not to look like a tourist and blend in where possible to avoid unwanted attention.

Ask the hotel staff to keep an eye on things

Millennium Hotel Glasgow

Don’t be afraid to ask staff or security to walk you to your room or car. The concierge can also advise you on the best places to visit for solo time away from the hotel, and which areas to avoid. If you need to drive, valet parking will ensure your vehicle is well looked after while you’re inside the hotel. Other good habits include not displaying your room’s key tag in public areas and not opening the door to anyone without first verifying their credentials.

Make sure you know how to defend yourself

It’s more than likely nothing untoward will happen if you take all the necessary precautions and that your trip will run smoothly. However, it's always a good idea to know how to defend yourself should a situation arise. Self-defence classes can be fun and great exercise, as well as useful when you least expect it. Check with your local police department or YMCA to find out what's being offered in your area. You could even suggest that your place of employment pays for your classes. A well-prepared business traveller is a happy one, after all.

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