Hidden Spas in Natural Spaces

Sep 11,2018

A vacation is a time to explore, but also relax – so how do you perfectly marry these two opposites? By visiting some of the world’s hidden spa spots. Natural beauties like the Dead Sea in Jordan or tucked away man-made hot pools at the end of a hike in New Zealand, will get you outdoors and simultaneously feeling pampered. Tick and tick.

Hot Pools in New Zealand 

The Mangatutu camping site in Kaweka Forest Park, is 59 kms from the town of Napier and best reached by car – maybe a 4x4. Otherwise, you could try the 7-hour hike along the Copland track which is made bearable by the surrounding snow-capped mountains. Once you’ve reached the campsite, you’ll find remote hot pools supported by a wooden deck that overlook the green views of the Mohaka River. Bliss for the blistered.

Only a 25-minute walk from Taupo’s city center, the Otumuheke Stream is in the Spa Thermal Park, a popular spot for an outdoor spa experience amongst the locals. The natural geothermal stream is family friendly and reasonably remote, so you can find a relaxing spot and soak to your heart’s content.


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Jordan – The Dead Sea

A beach holiday is perfect for working on your tan and lounging along a coastline with a book – but when you’re in Jordan – it’s also a great way to improve your physical health.

To anyone who laughs when you say you need a beach holiday – if you suffer from skin ailments, joint pain and other health concerns – a trip to one of Jordan’s beaches is quite literally what you need. The Dead Sea has an estimated eight-times the normal amount of salt than any other sea which, combined with high-levels of magnesium, calcium and other minerals, makes for the healthiest beach-side holiday location.


Rumor has it, floating weightlessly is the best way to reap the benefits of the Dead Sea’s healing qualities. If you dedicate a full day to relaxing in the Dead Sea, you’ll feel rejuvenated and energised, your skin will be in top-shape and your joints will be flexible and ready for sightseeing, touring, hiking – the lot. So what we’re really saying is – yes, you really do need a beach holiday.

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Tbilisi – Sulfur Spas

Georgia, Tbilisi has an authentic spa experience – in other words, no frills, just a down to earth local sulfur spa in Tbilisi that’s not to be missed. Prepare yourself for steam – and lots of it.

With a number of bathhouses available in the Abanotubani district in Tbilisi, find one that’s right for you and your budget. An average of 30 lari ($12.50 USD), will get you a private bathhouse, which is advised. It becomes so hot you’ll want to be comfortable sitting (sweating profusely) in just a costume – or for some –  au naturel. 


An additional 10 lari each ($4 USD) will pay for a vigorous 20 minute scrub and massage at the hands of the bathhouse masseuse. Doused with a bucket of water to rinse you off, you will emerge feeling pink, hot and cleansed. For days afterwards you’re guaranteed glowing, baby soft skin that will make you look like you have had a holiday – and really, that’s all anyone ever wants – a tan, great skin, an amazing experience to share back home. 

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A local spa experience, hiking to hidden spas in New Zealand or simply swimming in the sea – there are plenty of ways you can pamper yourself when you’re far from home. Wherever you choose to go - now you can get out and stay gorgeous. 


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