Get your Christmas shopping done – at an airport

Dec 17,2015

You’ve been so busy travelling that packing your luggage has taken precedence over wrapping any presents. Waiting in airports leaves little time for traipsing malls, but luckily shopping for gifts in airports is often cheaper and easier.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts has put together a shopping list to take with you next time you're waiting for your flight in major gateways around the world.

Changi Airport, Singapore

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More like a shopping mall than an airport, you can find pretty much anything you like in Changi Airport. Electronics are a good bet in Singapore as they're often cheaper than in other places. Surprise someone with a useful pair of top-of-the-range noise-cancelling headphones – great for those who spend a lot of time on planes, like you.

Heathrow Airport, UK

England is renowned for having some of the most interesting food items – not to mention delicious sweets and candies – so Heathrow is the place to pick up those quintessential British delicacies. Besides buying some English mince pies, how about gifting a chocolate selection featuring famous treats as Bounty (coconut flakes coated in chocolate), Lion Bar (caramel and wafer goodness) and Liquorice Allsorts? Hobnobs are a good choice of British biscuit, especially if you pair them with that Queen's-face-shaped teapot.

Dubai International Airport, UAE

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Tax-free Dubai is the place to buy your bling, and the airport is where you can also pick up all manner of designer goods. Watches make great gifts from Dubai’s duty free, but if you want something a little quirky, go for a gilded candle holder in the shape of a camel, or some Arabic incense. You’ll be surprised what Middle Eastern charms you can collect and pretend you plucked straight from the souks (shh!).

JFK, New York

Victoria's Secret in Terminal 1 will take care of any ladies you’ve been meaning to shop for but forgot. In Terminal 8, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store is packed with thoughtful gifts you can pass off as having bought in Manhattan on that cultural trip you didn’t take. From scarves to jigsaws to meticulous copies of pretty sculptures, it’s all taken care of at JFK.

LAX, Los Angeles

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LAX has its fair share of duty-free items, so if it’s Bulgari Diva earrings or a Swarovski Swan necklace you’ve been searching for, your own Hollywood princess will be truly impressed with her prince once you’ve hit DFS.

O'Hare International Airport, Chicago

Why not create your own kit to gift someone? Chicago folk are big on coffee, so as well as a teddy bear in a Chicago Bears shirt, you could pick up that oversized skyline-printed coffee mug with some special local coffee and wrap it all together. Want to go that extra mile? Wrap it in a Chicago Bears apron or tea towel.

Still not sure what to get? If you’re looking to gift something a little more special, what about bringing your loved one on a holiday? Get inspired by these travel ideas.


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