Everything You Need to Make Your Summer Holiday Epic

Aug 03,2017

If you’ve been stuck on the little things that make a big difference, try out this list for size. We’ve got all the good stuff that will make your summer holiday more than fun – it will be epic.



We’ve moved on from the classic inflatables, now we’re onto pizza slices, flamingos and unicorns. Wherever you’re going, you can take your unicorn friend with you for a dip in a lake, the sea or the pool. M Social Singapore has a pool which is perfect for splashing around.

Instant Camera

There’s been a resurgence in the use of film cameras, which is great news if you’re a film lover and something exciting to try if it’s new for you. There are so many options, an instant camera is great little lightweight gadget to take along with you to capture every moment.

Big Hat

The big hat is a must-have for any summer holiday. Not only does it need to be big with a floppy brim, you’ll get extra points if you find one with a quirky slogan sewn in. Comfortable, shaded and epic. Bring your hat and stay with us at the The Bostonian Boston– you too can relax on Mayflower Beach.

Travel Playlist

From your home to the airport to the hotel, the right kind of playlist can get you in the right mood to start your summer holiday. Start putting together your favourite songs a few weeks before you’re set to travel and when it’s done, just press play and turn up the volume. 

Here’s our own Millennium playlist to get you started.  

Carry-on Cocktail Kit

There’s nothing like the real deal when it comes to cocktails. Gin in a tin? Just not the same. That’s where the carry-on cocktail comes in and saves the day. Enjoying a tipple mid-air is definitely epic. If that’s not your thing, afternoon tea at The Bailey’s Hotel London might be just what you need.

Novelty Beach Towel

Fancy lying down on a pizza? How about a fried egg? Get the umbrella up and make your trips to the beach stand out with a novelty beach towel.

The final addition to making your summer holiday truly epic is a stay with Millennium Hotels. Where will you be going to next? 



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