Coffee Capitals

May 29,2018

Coffee. Wherever you travel in the world, chances are that you’ll start your day with one. Whether it’s a humble ‘cup o’ joe’ or a pumpkin spice latte, one thing’s for sure, coffee is a worldwide obsession. But not all cups of coffee are made equal. 

From New Zealand to Italy (and plenty of places in between) countless cities lay claim to the title of the world’s ‘coffee capital’. So, for those in search of the finest coffee money can buy, here are some of the best cities and trendiest spots to enjoy a cup of the good stuff.

Wellington, New Zealand

The origins of the trendy flat-white are hotly disputed, with both Sydney and Melbourne in Australia staking their claim on inventing the popular milky beverage. But wherever the flat-white was first made, it was perfected in Wellington. The people of this charming coastal city are discerning when it comes to their coffee - and wherever you stop for a brew you’re sure to be impressed. But there are a few spots that really stand above the rest.

Swing by the Flight Coffee Hangar on Dixon Street for a coffee experience rooted in sustainable farming and production. Or, if you’re feeling experimental, why not pop down the street to Memphis Belle Coffee House? Here you can sample coffee brewed via syphon, chemex, V60, swiss gold, cold drip, and of course, award winning espresso.

What to order? There’s so much on offer here, but it has to be a flat white!

Where to stay: Copthorne Hotel Wellington Oriental Bay

Istanbul, Turkey

In Istanbul, drinking coffee isn’t just a habit, it’s a ritual, and one you have to experience when you’re visiting the city. Traditional Turkish coffee nearly always comes with a glass of water and Turkish delight. When you finish your coffee, save the grounds at the bottom of your cup - if you’re lucky, they’ll be used to glimpse your future by a local fortune teller!
To get the real Turkish coffee experience, take a seat at Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi the Spice Bazaar (“Mısır Çarşısı”) for the finest traditional coffee in town. Istanbul isn’t all about sticking with tradition though - for a more modern taste of Turkey, check out the Fes Cafe for trendy takes on popular coffee styles.


What to order? Traditional Turkish Coffee

Where to stay: Millennium Istanbul Golden Horn

Rome, Italy

When you think of coffee, you probably think of Rome. The Italian capital has a well-deserved reputation for its espresso bars and chic cafes, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint on style. The best of Italy’s baristas flock to Rome, ensuring that however far you wander down the ancient city’s streets, you’ll never be far away from a restorative cup.

To experience Roman coffee like a local, you should take an early evening stroll, or passeggiata, to Piazza del Popolo and take a seat at Rosati, where classic Italian elegance and modern style combine in one of Rome’s favorite coffee spots. What better way to spend an evening than basking in the Roman sun, enjoying the finest coffee the city has to offer?


What to order? Espresso, of course.

Where to stay: Grand Hotel Palace Rome

In Singapore, coffee is not just coffee. It’s art too. Singapore’s movement for modern espresso technology has led to a boom in 3D latte art in the city - in fact, it’s a must-have for any self-respecting cafe in town. So whether you want to drink a sleeping kitten, a movie character or your favorite cartoon, all made from frothy milk, there’s only one place to go.
Chock Full of Beans on Changi Village Road is a good place to sample some of the city’s best latte. The super-talented baristas here can create pretty much anything and the coffee itself is pretty darn good too.


What to order? A 3D Latte! 

Where to stay: M Social Singapore


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