Bakery Heaven

Oct 05,2017

The winter holidays are the best time to indulge, especially when it comes to delicious food. If you love the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning, can’t get enough of eclairs or are simply addicted to pizza, then you have to visit these famous bakeries for a taste of something special.  

When in Rome…

Panella The Art of the Bread
Via Merulana 54, 
00185 Rome, 

Did you ever think you’d be into bread art? Maybe not, but you will be after you see the masterpieces at Panella in the centre of Rome. They’ve been open for almost one hundred years, which is no mean feat. Panella takes pride in the craft of making bread, offering freshly baked breads and pizzas every day.

The bread art can include anything from a portrait of Julius Caesar (he’s happy to take a selfie with you) to a miniature sculpture of The Colosseum. To create these impressive pieces of bread art, there are three artists working in Panella’s gastronomic lab, along with a team of pastry makers and chefs in what’s called the Panella Galaxy. Fancy stuff.


So, whether you need a quick breakfast roll on the go or have time to sit down and enjoy every bite of dessert in the evening, Panella is the place to go. There’s also a bar inside if you fancy making a night of it.
Where to stay: Grand Hotel Palace Rome

When in Paris…

Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki
35 Rue de Vaugirard,
75006 Paris,

The pastries in Sadaharu Aoki’s shop in Paris, for the most part, look like shiny gems and precious stones. Fortunately, these shiny gems are both edible and delicious. You may have guessed from the name that this spot is a smooth fusion of delicate French pastry and unique Japanese flavours, making it a must-taste for pastry lovers everywhere.



When you arrive at the shop, you’ll notice the space is very small and only has one glass counter – which is helpful in making quick decisions on what you’re going to try first. But what exactly will you be feasting your eyes on? Rows and rows of sesame-infused chocolates, yuzu tarts and green matcha croissants. Irresistible. 

Where to stay:
Millennium Hotel Paris Charles De Gaulle & Millennium Hotel Paris Opera 

When in London…

Dominique Ansel
17-21 Elizabeth St,
London, England,

Just as Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki is a delicious blend of cultures, it’s no surprise that one of the best bakeries in London was actually created by French chef Dominique Ansel, whose first bakery originates in New York.



Travel to the Belgravia area of London and you’ll find the new home of the croissant-donut hybrid – the Cronut. Ansel brought this trademarked concoction with him all the way from his New York bakery and the hype for the Cronut continues to grow in London and across the globe. Other tasty favourites include the Cookie Shot (yes, please!) and the Frozen ‘Smore. Why not let loose and try them all? 

When you’re a chocolate lover in London…

To celebrate the enticing taste of chocolate, three of our London hotels have created their own dishes which are available for Chocolate Week. 

The Chelsea Harbour Hotel is serving a surprisingly bright chocolate dish in the form of rainbow cake, whilst The Bailey’s Hotel will be mixing things up with chocolate afternoon tea. Hot tea and chocolate treats are a very British (and tempting) combination.

At Millennium Hotel London Mayfair, the chefs have gone experimental to bring the most interesting fall flavours to your table. Smoked squab pigeon, fig and celeriac are accompanied by a sauce which has just a touch of dark chocolate for extra aromas.

For dessert, enjoy the Avista ti-ra-mi-sú – a deconstructed tiramisu with the addition of chocolate soil (don’t worry, that just means chocolate crumbs) and a tuile of chocolate. You can taste it already. 

Where to stay: Millennium Hotel London Mayfair, The Bailey’s Hotel & The Chelsea Harbour Hotel London.


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