6 of the most useful apps for airport transfers

May 01,2015

If you’re on a last minute vacation and have just spent hours crammed into a tiny airplane cabin, the last thing you want to do is navigate a crowded airport and fight for a taxi. Luckily, there are apps out there that can help you get to your hotel room as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re in Chicago or Singapore, you don’t have to worry about finding an airport shuttle or reliable taxi with these featured apps.

Getting your bearings in a new city is tricky. Street names are unfamiliar and your inner compass has been thrown out by hours of air travel.

Citymapper is incredibly helpful for new arrivals by providing real-time information and updates on all modes of transport. It takes the stress out of connecting the dots from point A to B and lets you get on with enjoying your trip.

Through Citymapper, you can also book a car or taxi, thanks to its ”Uber” integration.

2. Uber

Speaking of Uber, it is probably the most widely known app on this list. It allows users to submit a trip request to nearby drivers, choose from different vehicle types and track your car as it approaches.

Despite courting controversy in a number of countries, with regulatory bodies concerned about crowdsourcing unofficial drivers – or taxi companies worried about losing business to a cheaper, sleeker model – Uber has continued to expand and thrive.

All you need to watch out for is the algorithm that drives prices up on demand. So, naturally, when you really need it is when things might get pricey, but nothing beats the convenience of cashless in-app payment..

There’s a lot of guesswork involved with timing an airport pickup. Often, a passenger is uncontactable until they land and unable to pass on important information about delays. Just Landed takes the guess work out of flight arrivals, tracking incoming flights in real-time as well as your location. It also monitors current traffic conditions even when the app isn't open (or when you have it on flight mode), helping your receiving party arrive on time to give you a warm welcome.

placing you at the terminal pickup point or arrival lounge in time for your receiving party to give you a warm welcome. Currently, this app caters only to incoming flights to the USA and Canada, with more countries set to be added.

GroundLink allows you to book a ride anywhere in the world (or in 110 countries at least). Users can choose from luxury sedans, SUVs or limos and receive a punctuality guarantee, otherwise the next ride is free.

The drivers are professionally trained and will track your flight in the air so they are ready to go as soon as you are. As with Uber, you can watch your driver on a map as they approach the pickup destination.

A comprehensive trip planner, Kayak enables you to compare hotel and rental car deals. This means you can spend downtime in the airport booking your itinerary before you even leave the departure lounge.

Kayak allows you to look up baggage fees, track your flight status and make hotel bookings. Its ‘Pro’ version also offers terminal maps to help you find your way.

Rather than having to fish through your emails for various bookings or march around with several scraps of paper in your hand, TripIt consolidates all of your bookings into one place. Basically, it’s a secretary in your smartphone.

Car rentals, dinner reservations, addresses and flight confirmation numbers – it’s all there, assuming you don’t mind the app trawling through your emails to extract this information.


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