5 treks to put on your bucket list

Jun 19,2015

The world offers some amazing experiences, landscapes and views best experienced on a rewarding trek. Using well-located luxury hotels as your base can provide the perfect end to any day’s hiking. Here are five awe-inspiring treks worldwide for you to consider.

Petra, Jordan

When the desert temperatures abate from October to April, go on an 80 km hike through the Kingdom of Jordan to the red rock city of Petra. You’ll experience dry desert, mountain passes, oases and Bedouin camps, before descending an ancient staircase for your first breathtaking glimpse of Al-Deir, Petra’s grandest monument. It’s an amazing trek, ending perhaps with a stay at Grand Millennium Amman.

London, UK

London is generally not considered a hiking destination, but the almost 290 km long Thames Path follows the famous Thames river from the Cotswolds (near Cirencester) to the Thames Barrier in London’s Greenwich. It’s a surprisingly quiet rural footpath before it passes by London’s Kew Gardens, the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, the London Eye, the thatched roof of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and maritime Greenwich. Walk a section or complete the whole path before rewarding yourself with a comfortable stay at Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge.

Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua is an extraordinary city surrounded by geothermal activity. On a stroll around the lake, starting from Millennium Hotel Rotorua, you will inevitably see thermal pools emitting sulfur-laced steam, bubbling hot springs, carved pouwhenua (Maori totem poles), a ceremonial waka (canoe) and stunning architecture.

More geothermal highlights await keen bushwalkers in the beautiful Waimangu Volcanic Valley (the admission fee includes a shuttle bus ride if you don’t want to make the return hike). Expect to walk past steam vents, colourful silica terraces, rare native plants and the world’s largest hot water spring in Frying Pan Lake. Echo Crater (formed in 1886), Inferno Crater Lake and Waimangu Geyser are all must-sees on the main valley walk.

The more challenging Mount Haszard hiking trail to Lake Rotomahana includes hewn steps along the trail and takes two hours for fit hikers.

Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Boulder, USA

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at 5,430 feet, Boulder is a top choice for hiking. It offers pleasant walks in Eldorado Canyon State Park, or more energetic hikes and rock climbing in the Flatirons. Green Mountain offers a strenuous 9 km route with panoramic views of Front Range and the Flatirons. Allow three to four hours so you can appreciate the wild flower meadows and wildlife you’ll encounter along the way. Best of all, the recently renovated Millennium Harvest House Boulder welcomes you after your hike with a refreshing pool, great restaurant and comfortable beds.

Millennium Harvest House Boulder

Mount Fuji, Japan 

A final hike for the bucket list is climbing the snow-capped peak of Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain at 12,388 feet. This tough hike is surprisingly popular, especially in the summer months when extreme winds are less likely. Take the train to one of the five stations to start your ascent, which can take from four to 10 hours. Of course, no visit to Japan is complete without a stay in a top hotel in Tokyo.

These outstanding treks will not only provide stunning views but new walking buddies and lifelong memories.


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