Yonex All England Open Badminton Championship

Mar 05,2013

It might not generate the same headline a as some other sports, but did you know, badminton is literally the fastest sport in the world? The fastest tennis serve in the world was delivered by Andy Roddick, and was clocked at 155mph, but that's way off the pace. Surely a Formula 1 Car can beat this? In around 13 seconds The Ferrari F1 car can reach approximately 200mph, but shuttlecocks hit by the top male badminton players have been recorded as reaching 206mph in a fraction of a second - which makes badminton the winner, hands down!

What's more, these shuttlecock speeds are not even the most impressively paced element of the game - just wait until you see the shuttle runs required by the players to get around the court! Between 5 - 10 March 2013, you will get the chance to see all of this, when the Yonex All England Open Badminton Championship returns to the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham. We advise you to book the Copthorne Hotel Birmingham now to avoid the disappointment of missing the championship and to enjoy the many services of one of the most popular Birmingham hotels!

The All England Open Badminton Championship is one of the oldest and most prestigious events in the game, having been played since 1899, and is one of only five Premier events in the Badminton World Federation Superseries. In fact, in the post war era this tournament was the really the de facto World Championship, which only changed when the official World Championships began in 1977.

The high standing of the Yonex All England Open continues to attract the elite of the badminton world, as well as almost 35,000 spectators, to the NIA every year. An important global championship is always sure to attract such large crowds, however if you have yet to experience the game first hand, the entry fee to the tournament may come as a pleasant surprise!

Ticket prices begin at £7, making the Yonex All England Open Badminton Championship one of the most inclusive and accessible tournaments in the world. As well as the affordability of tickets, the atmosphere is also very crowd friendly - unlike the more genteel game of tennis, you can cheer as loud as you like once the rally has started!

In 2015 these Championships may move home, so this year may be one of the last that you can see the world's best players give it their all at the NIA. If you want to part of the 35,000 crowd this March, tickets can be found at: www.allenglandbadminton.com, or by calling the National Indoor Arena box office.


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