Forget Hollywood, visit Cardiff and walk in the footsteps of legends!

Mar 05,2016

Some come for easy access to the wild nature of the BreconBeacons, or walks along the South Wales heritage coastline, whileothers use Cardiff as a base from which to explore the many castlesto be found within easy reach of the city. These are allrewarding tourist activities, but there are some rather more recentcreations that have been drawing dedicated fans to hotelsin Cardiff in recent years that were not made by mother nature,or kings of old, but mere mortals with a gift for storytelling,like Dr Who!

Doctor Who is viewed by its legions of devotees as a work ofgenius that transcends the normal confines of TV, and since themassively successful reboot of the show in 2005, much of the actionhas been filmed in and around Cardiff! The Doctor Who CardiffBus Tour offers the ideal way to see many of these locations, andin so doing offers a fun new way to take in much of the Welshcapital and surrounding areas.

You'll get the chance to walk around Amy Pond's Village, andvisit the church where the Doctor and Rose sought safety from theReapers, as well as see many of the locations featured in the 2012Christmas special episode. There is also a two hour Dr. Whowalking tour of Cardiff that will allow you to follow in thefootsteps of the Cybermen in The Age of Steel, see thedepartment store where Rose worked, and stand where the Doctorstood as he faced the Robot Santas in The RunawayBride.

And as if that is not enough excitement for a seasonedconnoisseur of that thoroughly distinctive genre, the best ofquintessentially British television, Barry Island is alsoaccessible from Cardiff in less than half an hour - a location thatneeds no introduction for fans of Gavin and Stacey!

Not only does the Gavin and Stacey Tour offer the chance to geta guided tour of Gwen and Stacey's home (conducted by the real lifeowner, at weekends), you are actually transported in the samevehicle used by Dave's Coaches in the show! You can see theamusement arcade where Nessa works, as well as where she performsas a mime artist, and also the church where Nessa nearly getsmarried to Dave.

And after stopping off at the caravan where Nessa and Dave livewith baby Neil, and getting a great tour of the area in general,you can also enjoy a 20% discount on hot food at Gavin and Stacey'sfavourite chip shop, Boofy's! The question is, do you knowenough about what's occurring to win a prize in the Gavin andStacey quiz? Better dust off that DVD box set!


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