Download our survey results: UK holidaying habits pre and post-Brexit

Aug 08,2016

We recently commissioned two surveys to delve into the UK public's holidaying habits. We wanted to know what motivates them, and what differences can be seen between the attitudes of millennials vs non-millennials. The first survey was carried out before the EU referendum, and the second after its result was revealed. So what does a post-Brexit nation feel towards travelling? And how dramatically have their feelings changed in light of this monumental moment in history? 

Results revealed some quite startling shifts in attitude, and also shed light on some significant differences in the way younger generations think compared to their older counterparts.

Download the info pack with results here

Why did we commission these surveys?

We're passionate about leading the way in the travel and tourism sector, which is why we're dedicated to carrying out our own research to make sure our customers always get what they're looking for. These surveys were designed to investigate Britain's passions when it comes to taking a break, whether that's hitting the British countryside or heading to a beach on the Med. We were also certain that people's thoughts on travel would undoubtedly be impacted by Brexit, and were keen to see if we were right. From our range of hotels in London, to our popular Millennium Hotel Paris Opera, understanding what drives people to both staycation and vacation is an important part of making sure our customers have the best holiday experience they can. 


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