The vibrancy and vitality of shopping in London

May 17,2013

The fact is that the specific location of said 'high street' is not just geographical data, it has everything to do with the quality, atmosphere and feel of the shopping experience - and in London, the high street is not just surviving, it's thriving.

As a major financial and population centre in Europe, the Capital has both the wealth and the demand to support some of the very best examples of high street shopping in the world. From the boutique and unique to the flagship stores of industry leading retailers, London continues to attract the best of the best.

Every year we welcome thousands of visitors from out of town who recognise this fact, and take a few days stay in one of our hotels in London so that they can enjoy the unparalleled opportunities for browsing, shopping and simply soaking up the atmosphere. As any retail therapy devotee will know, shopping can be so much more than simply sourcing and acquiring - at its best, it can provide a special feeling of exploration and discovery.

So, where to start? Well, if you don't have a specific shopping list with you on your first day in the Capital, a trip to Covent Garden can be the ideal way to immerse yourself in just what the modern London shopping experience can offer. From the latest offerings in urban street wear, to one-off arts and crafts stalls and handmade jewellery, Covent Garden is a joy to explore, while the Piazza at its heart offers an ideal place to eat, drink and relax - and even take in a little live entertainment.

On the other hand, if you want to dive straight in and feel the full energy of the London shopping experience, Oxford Street is the place to be. There are over three hundred shops in this blueprint of a high street, and you'll find every famous retail chain represented here, as well as designer outlets and household-name department stores like John Lewis and Debenhams, and the London institution that is Selfridges.

Speaking of legendary department stores, no trip to the Capital would be complete without a visit to Harrods in Knightsbridge. As you might expect, this area offers some of the most expensive shopping to be had in the city, and is therefore a natural home for high end outlets like Harvey Nichols, as well as a host of other prestigious, world-leading fashion brands.

Of course, for the boutique and unique there will be certain dedicated followers of fashion who feel that Carnaby Street holds the greatest allure, while Savile Row is still the place to go for the very finest bespoke men's tailoring in the world. However, if you are feeling the pace after a few days on your feet, the Westfield centre can offer the ideal solution for those that want their pick of affordable high street fashion - as well as an excellent range of choice when it comes time to find something to eat and drink.

As any Londoner will tell you, we've only just scratched the surface here in looking at what London shopping has to offer, but a quick look online at websites such as Visit London will quickly provide all the inspiration and advice that you need. Happy shopping!


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