Sheffield’s grass roots: The history behind Copthorne Hotel Sheffield

Oct 22,2014

The Copthorne Hotel Sheffield sits right next door to the famous Bramall Lane stadium; the home turf of Sheffield United Football Club (SUFC). This, however, only scrapes the surface of our connection with the grounds.

Since its inception in 2009, the Copthorne Hotel Sheffield has actually worked in partnership with SUFC, which adds an extra touch for its visitors to say the least. Plus, the hotel accommodates all SUFC players and their visiting VIP's when they're playing. As you can imagine, the atmosphere around match day is quite something.

Sheffield's rich history and connection to SUFC is at the heart of everything they do. Trevor Vels, General Manager of Copthorne Hotel Sheffield is somewhat of a local expert: The Copthorne Hotel Sheffield and SUFC work very much as a joint venture. We actually present ourselves to the market as The Copthorne at Bramall Lane. Although the hotel has its own design theme and identity, we bring aspects of the club in wherever we can. This can be anything from the signed club shirts on display in our lobby, to merchandising on behalf of the club superstore.

Bramall Lane

Bramall Lane stadium is rich in its own history. It actually started as a cricket ground in 1855, and although it was used for the occasional football game, didn't become the official home to Sheffield United until 1889 when the club formed. Bramall Lane stadium is unique (and rather impressive) for other reasons too. It is one of only two grounds - the other being the Oval - that has hosted England football internationals, an England cricket Ashes test match (1902) and an FA Cup Final (1912). Plus, it was the first ever stadium to host a floodlit football match all the way back in 1878. Talk about setting the bar high!

It's all about the football

The hotel not only accommodates Sheffield fans, but welcomes opposing team supporters too. Match day sees the dedicated bar bustle with excited football fans. The bar is named aptly, 'Annie's', which any SUFC fan will tell you refers to the football club anthem, Annie's Song by John Denver. The idea was offered up by the hotel's maintenance manager, and has stuck ever since.

With Sheffield United supporters coming from far and wide, the hotel prides themselves on being pretty good hosts for those with football fever by encouraging fans to wear their supporter shirts. But do the hotel staff get on board with all of the excitement?

The majority of our staff are supporters of the club. There is an equally active support of Sheffield Wednesday FC amongst the staff and as any Sheffieldite will know, this promotes healthy and lively banter between the staff after the weekend fixtures. One of the most interesting aspects of this is the Wednesday supporters who are required to wear the club tie as part of their day-to-day uniform!

It would seem there's no room for shy supporters here! All in all everyone that works at Copthorne Hotel Sheffield are extremely proud of its connection with Sheffield United. It's not just the football that appeals to its visitors though. Trevor tells us why it's a great idea to stay in Sheffield:

Sheffield will always be one of the iconic Northern English post-industrialist cities. Like many others, the city has reinvented itself as a local hub of entertainment and culture. The city possesses a wealth of museums, historic places, and intimate venues. Our proximity to the peak district is also a superb draw card for leisure guests. Overall Sheffield is a clean, modern and well run city with warm friendly people.

Sold! There's no doubt that there's more than one reason to visit Sheffield.


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