The Great British Cheese Festival

Sep 05,2013

Have you ever wondered what the correct term is for someone who avidly loves cheese; someone who raves about the stuff? Wine connoisseurs call themselves oenophiles, but what about those of us who love a slice of cheese? Can we lay claim to a fancy name? Well, it seems we're spoilt for choice. We can either call ourselves 'Caseophiles', which in Latin means 'like cheese', or turophiles, which is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as 'a cheese fancier'.

For the most part though curd-lovers don't need fancy titles and while roaming the Great British Cheese festival this September in Cardiff you're unlikely to hear such talk. The event, which started back in 2000, has always been a staple in the cheese-eating diary and offers 'Caseophiles' the chance to meet up and taste cheeses from all over the world. In total this year's event will claim to host over 900 different cheeses - 900!

Organised by Cardiff City Council, the two-day event, which kicks off on 28th September 2013, is held on the grounds of Cardiff Castle and supported by the Welsh Assembly. The biggest event, by far, held across the two-days is the British Cheese awards, where judges cast a critical eye over a whole host of different cheeses. Afterwards lavish ribbons are awarded to cheese-makers whose concoctions have impressed and sated the most. It's a fierce competition and meticulously judged - the judging begins a few weeks prior to the event opening, that's how many cheeses are entered!

While the event offers attendees the chance to wonder the various markets, sampling the bounteous supply of cheeses, including Best of British, a Taste of Wales and the Cook and Book Shop, there are also master classes and demonstrations spread right across the site.

For newbie's there are also tutorial lessons on site, giving you the chance to learn how to make cheese and grow your own mini garden!

There are also numerous beer and cider tents to help with digestion.

If you travelling to Cardiff for the Great British Cheese festival, check out and check into our Cardiff hotel. Enjoy the fun!


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