How to Perfect Your Party Planning

Sep 25,2017

Whether you’re planning an intimate evening with your friends, a huge office shindig, or a festive family get together, planning a Christmas party takes a little organisation and a lot of planning. But it’s important not to get bogged down in the details on the day. So, to help you plan your next Xmas do, here are Millennium Hotels and Resorts tips for organizing a celebration well in advance, to make sure that when the day finally comes, you can relax and enjoy yourself. 

1. Get started sooner, rather than later

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year in hospitality. So, unless you want to be cramming Auntie Edna into a makeshift chair next to the toilet because the restaurant ran out of space; or your staff to be eating pizza at their desks – it pays to book early. 

But it’s not just helpful for securing the right location. By booking your Christmas party well in advance you are less likely to find your guests are too busy to attend, you’re more likely to take advantage of early bird deals, and it leaves you plenty of time to see to all the little details that will make your party sparkle!

2. Think about what you want

When throwing an event, it’s easy to feel paralysed with too many decisions to make regarding all of the different things your guests might want. Would they rather a classy afternoon tea with bubbles, or three courses and canapes? It’s a wonderful impulse to want to make everyone happy. But sometimes, this comes at the expense of a throwing really great event.


Remember, as the host it’s down to you to set the tone for the evening. Make your choices and then think about how you can accommodate individual tastes. If you fancy a festive feast, but you know that Julie and Adrian from Accounts are keen on a night on the town, book your meal at a hotel in a central location and give them the option of booking a room at a reduced rate. That way you can celebrate together, before going your separate ways, leaving no excuse for complaints!

3. Get your guests involved

The earlier you let people know the details of the party, the less stress you will have in the days and weeks directly before it.
Most hotels and restaurants will have their Christmas menus prepared months in advance of December, so you’ll have plenty of time to get people excited by sharing the menu, and finding out what they want to eat.

If you’re having a larger scale party, get people excited by letting them vote for a party theme. Once you’ve decided you can work on décor, themed drink and food, and if you can create themed invites, even better. If you have decided on a fancy dress, encourage everyone to join in by offering prizes for the best-dressed.

4. Get everyone to the event

There’s nothing worse than people missing out on a party because they can’t make the travel plans work, or find a babysitter for the night. So, one of the most important things is making sure you’ve thought about everyone’s travel plans.
If you’re just planning an intimate get-together with a couple of friends, why not meet somewhere you all know, first. That way if you need to get a taxi to the venue, you can split the cost.
If your party or event is a little out of the way, and you have plenty of people coming, you could book a minibus to take people there. For the way back, book two mini buses leaving the venue at different times to get staff to the closest rail station. This means they can choose what time to leave, and nobody ends up leaving by themselves.

5. Let’s get this party started

While everyone has their own party priorities – food, location, music, or theme – one thing most people agree on is that the first drink is a great way of relaxing, and getting into the mood. Coordinate with your venue well in advance, to make sure that everyone is offered a glass of bubbly on arrival, or even a Christmas themed cocktail. That way, as soon as you reach your venue, you can relax, with a well-deserved tipple in hand!

No matter how many guests, the key to a successful party is in the planning. You can never start too early. But it’s also important to remember that parties are fun, so don’t forget to enjoy yourself once you’re there. You’ve put in the hard work, so relax, let your hair down, hit the dance floor and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Getting ahead of the game with your Christmas planning? Why not relax, indulge and celebrate with us. Plan your party at one of our 24 unique properties across the UK for delectable dining, devilishly good drinks and residential packages designed just for you. 


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