Millennium embarks on exciting partnership with Branding Shanghai

Jun 14,2016

We recently announced a strategic partnership between MillenniumHotels and Resorts and Branding Shanghai, the non-profitorganisation dedicated to the better promotion of Shanghai as amodern cultural capital. Developed by Shanghai's municipalgovernment, the campaign is both important and exciting, which iswhy we're thrilled to be involved.

As part of the campaign, Branding Shanghai is currently on amission to develop the city's international links and, in 2016, tocelebrate its relationship and cultural ties with London, which iswhere we come in.

The partnership between the two cities will be celebrated with aseries of events, including the inspiring photography andvideography exhibition, 'Home Town'. This is taking place this weekat Alfred Dunhill Bourdon House between 13-18th June.This fascinating showcase features a variety of Chinese culturalarts, crafts and performances from artists that are both from Chinaand abroad. It's a true celebration of Shanghai set right here inits sister city of London, and well worth a visit.

Millennium meets Shanghai

To kick things off, we held a luncheon for Branding Shanghai onMonday 13th June 2016 at Millennium Hotel LondonMayfair. It was a truly successful event in which we warmlywelcomed Branding Shanghai to London. It was preceded by aroundtable discussion on Twinned Cities and their CulturalVisions. Hosted by the British Council and Shanghai, therewere expert attendees from the government, academic, and culturalindustries of both cities.

Afterwards, our guests, who included the Shanghai delegation andits British partners, were greeted with a canapés and drinksreception at Millennium London Hotel Mayfair. After a quick photoopportunity, horse drawn carriages arrived outside the hotel andthere was a powerful and, needless to say, truly British displaybefore lunch.

Once settled back indoors, the delicious three course luncheonwas served:


Heritage tomato salad with baby Violetto artichokes, Kalamataolives and balsamic pearls


Fillet of seabream, with truffle potatoes, asparagus and atomato and herb dressing


Poached white peach, vanilla bean ice cream and freshraspberries

When all luncheon attendees had enjoyed their meals, speeches weremade by the London and Shanghai Tourism Ambassadors. One of thehighlights of the day was the speech made about the Shanghai Tower,which is to sign an agreement with London's Shard to become 'SisterTowers' and mutually promote each other. The campaign will alsolaunch a lighting ceremony, to be carried out by the two landmarkbuildings on the same day.

Guests at the luncheon at Millennium Hotel London Mayfairincluded Branding Shanghai's ambassador and famous Chinese actor,Hu Ge, as well as British violinist and London's ambassador,Charlie Siem. Hu Ge was also awarded the privilege of being'VisitBritain's Goodwill Ambassador for China'.

Also speaking at the luncheon was Paul James, SeniorVice-President Global Marketing and Branding for Millennium Hotelsand Resorts, who commented:

We're delighted to have hosted the official Shanghai MeetsLondon luncheon today and welcome so many senior officials andcultural leaders from both Shanghai and London to our hotel. Wehope the guests were pleased with the surprise historic display wearranged and were excited to hear of our plans to work together topromote Shanghai's global brand image. We are very committed tothis cause and look forward to a successful partnership.

All in all, it was a fantastic day and a great precursor forthings to come. Watch this space for exciting new developments inour partnership with Branding Shanghai.


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