Millennium Announce Gravity-Defying Floating Hotel

Apr 01,2016

At Millennium Hotels and Resorts we've always striven to offer you the finest accommodation and luxury breaks at our hotels. From London to Aberdeen, Manchester to Cardiff and many more cities and towns besides, we give you the opportunity to appreciate Great Britain in all its glory.

Now we've decided to take things a step (and several thousand feet) further. Today, we're excited to announce our plans to offer you the finest in accommodation above the UK, courtesy of our gravity-defying Millennium Floatel!

Set to launch in four years' time, in 2020, the Millennium Floatel is an innovative leap upwards in accommodation technology and will give guests the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled views across the English countryside as they float 4100 feet above it.

We spoke to Avril Foalsdee, Millennium's Head of Hotel Aeronautics to find out more. This will be the first hotel of its kind anywhere, although at first we struggled to get the project off the ground. Thanks to hard-work and some forward-thinking from some of the world's best engineering brains, it's no longer a case of pie in the sky. Although, you will of course be able to enjoy various freshly-baked pies in our 5-star restaurant. In the sky. So, technically yes, it is pie in the sky.

Kept in suspension by powerful Italian-built Aprile Uno jet engines, the Millennium Floatel will boast 401 rooms, a restaurant (the 5-star 'Le Cochon Volant'), a cinema, a spa and a large gym where guests can enjoy cardio and resistance machines, a range of aerobic and yoga classes and bungee jumping.

Parking won't be an issue as guests will be transported to and from the floatel by helicopter, and the unique location of the accommodation means that local residents are unlikely to be troubled by noise, due to a total lack of local residents.

Vacancies for the first few months are expected to fill up quickly, and a special cloud-based booking system has been put in place ready to deal with the high-demand. The opening ceremony is set to be a grand affair with live music, celebrity guests and a special one-night only menu at the restaurant featuring a succulent poisson d'avril as the showcase dish.

This is a hotel experience unlike any other, Avril told us, and will put other hotels in the shade, especially if we happen to be hovering above them.

Further information will be available soon, so keep an eye on the Millennium social media channels for more information. You'd be a fool not to!

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